Corn Gluten Meal


Granule corn gluten meal
Crude protein ≧60%
Crude ash ≦2.8%
Moisture ≦10%
The product introduction
Corn gluten meal is a by-product of corn starch and corn oil. It is a viscous protein substances . The higher the protein content, the fresher the color is.
Corn gluten meal helps to the animal resistance. It can extract lutein from the corn gluten meal. The corn gluten meal is rich in amino acid. It is eminent additive in livestock and birds.

Product introduction

Corn Gluten Meal is the insoluble proteinic fraction obtained from a process of separating corn starch from maize. The entire process is fully under a hygienic condition and accredited Good Manufacturing Practice. Corn Gluten Meal is one of outstanding nutritious vegetable protein sources with an excellent amino acid profile. Due to its high digestibility, Corn Gluten Meal is widely applied for pet food, aquatic feed, and livestock diets.

Product parameter


1. Appearance Yellow or light yellow powder, no visible impurity Conforms to standard
2. Colour Yellow or light yellow Conforms to standard
3. Protein %(wet basis) Morn than 62.0 Conforms to standard
4. Moisture % Less than 10.0 Conforms to standard
5. Fibre % Less than 2.5 Conforms to standard
6. Ash % Less than4.0 Conforms to standard
7. Fat % Less than 2.5 Conforms to standard
8. AFLATOXIN % Less than 20ppb Conforms to standard

Production details

Corn protein powder is a by-product of corn grain after extraction of starch, also known as corn gluten flour.Corn protein powder is rich in amino acids and natural pigment lutein, is an important feed ingredients.Corn protein powder in the feed that has less antioxidant factor, rich nutrients and feed safety performance.

Product feature and application

1. It’s a kind of good feed purified additive for poultry and livestocks growing and disease-resistant. Furthermore,it can also be used to extract natural pigment and various amino acid;

2.With high protein, they are widely used in feeds industry, especial in shrimp breed aquatics , shrimps are grown well with this supplement.

3.It contains a lot of lutein that has golden color. It is good at encourage and disease-resistant for livestocks and poultry. It also can deepen the egg’s color, make chicken’s skin and legs become yellow, and contain rich amino acids. It is a good additive for animal husbandry and feed industry.


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