With 17 Years of Farming Experience, We Are Producing Organic Foods, healthy Meat and seafood That You Can Safely Supply to Your customers and keep them coming back

All our products undergo rigorous quality process by our in-house QA team as well as third party inspection such as SGS and Bureau Veritas. We welcome third party inspection during loading .

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who we are?

We are one of the main agricultural  providers in Netherlands with global value chain throughout continents. Our own manufacturing facilities ensure we are able to control our processes and qualities completely, enable us to serve customers’ requirement. We understand our role that we are feeding the world therefore we connect supplies chain with our products to appreciate customers as well as consumers

Our Vision

Our vision is to become global supplier of food ingredients and raw materials, offering customer a create value products through trustworthy, honest and highly efficient management. To be a versatile, innovative and customers focus organization that always ready and flexibility to adapt to changing business environment. We are continuing to create and seek new opportunity for sustainable growth.

Our Mission

  1. We seek to understand what is market demand and what are our customer requirements.
  2. Focus on efficiency and effective management to deliver lowest cost and quality products to customers every of our products.
  3. Manage thoroughly supply chain from farm to customer with excellent operational cost and quality.
  4. Build value relationship with business partners to become mutually success in long term.
  5. Relentless in learning and developing to create higher value and new market through day-to-day work and introduce of new technologies. Reduce waste and maintain high operating efficiency to maximize production capacity.

How it began

We begun moving into agricultural commodities business towards wholesale for domestic market and then move on to exporting for international market.

First Factory

Opened the first factory at Phrapradaeng district, Samut Prakan province in order to improve product quality and quantity to meet the various requirements of the market

Second Factory

With the expanding demand for the products and also increase in wider range of more different products so we opened our second factory

Way Forward

From past till present, it has been more than 50 years that we has been operating agriculture business in Netherlands.

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