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A multi national agricultural commodity exporters


We source high-quality agri commodities from an extensive network of producers and suppliers and seamlessly deliver them to customers worldwide. Our products include Cotton, Oilseeds, Animal Feeds, Sugar, Grains, Cereals, Birdseeds, Spices & Edible Oils.

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100% Organic Products

Food from organic farming is grown and raised without the use of additives and substances from chemical synthesis. Only natural techniques are used for quality-oriented production and not the maximisation of quantitative yield.

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Our Mission

Jiraporn Group goal is very clear: grow first class products that improve people’s health and well-being. We offer our clients an efficient service that facilitates the sustainable marketing of fresh produce, whilst striving for cooperation between consumers and suppliers.

Our Values

Since our inception, we have not just grown food to feed people, but also to inspire people through our production system and sustainable way of doing business. We live in balance and harmony, both amongst ourselves as well as with our environment, maintaining the highest standards

Our Vision

We therefore face the great challenge of dealing with the need for healthy food together with an ever-increasing shortage of natural resources. This requires us to evolve and combine the best farming traditions with the most innovative technology.

We are dedicated wholesalers who always endeavor to offer high quality service along with high quality products. We supply freshly roasted nuts, beans, dried fruit, spices, snack foods, and much more to food manufactures, independent retailers, delicatessens, organic food retailers, and specialist nut stores. Our full ranges of products are available on our website, and we look forward to discussing your individual needs.

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